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Times Daily: Pushing God out of the classroom

Pushing God out of the classroom

According to David Bossi, president of Citizens United Foundation, Common Core is pushing God out of the classroom and replacing him with Muslim teachings about Islam.

Barack Hussein Obama was able to force Common Core on the states by bribing them with billions of dollars to implement the standards. ACLU and other groups that pretend to be concerned about keeping religion out of schools only act when something related to Christianity is mentioned. There’s been no lawsuits against Muslim lessons.

The radical left is using Common Core to drive Christian beliefs and values from the children while introducing them to “positive” qualities of Islamic teaching.

Don’t think that if your children are already grown, or if you don’t have any children, that this is not your concern. The generation that is now being indoctrinated against Christianity and Judaism will one day be the leaders of this nation.

Euell White


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