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THE DAILY SIGNAL: Congressmen, Conservative Groups Defend Eagle Forum From Justice Department’s ‘Chilling’ Subpoena

All six Republicans representing Alabama in the U.S. House signed on to a legal brief opposing the Justice Department’s broad subpoena of records from a small conservative group in their state, Eagle Forum of Alabama. The friend of the court brief, filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, also […]

CU Amicus Brief – Moore v. Harper

Citizens United, Citizens United Foundation, and The Presidential Coalition file amicus brief in Moore v. Harper – the most Important election integrity case this term – in which SCOTUS will determine who decides, state courts or state legislatures. Learn more: CU & CUF Sign On To Ami… by Citizens United

WALL STREET JOURNAL: DAVID BOSSIE: Zuckerberg, Biden and Running Up the Score in the Blue States

Regarding your editorial “More Pennsylvania Election Follies” (July 18): So-called Zuckerbucks—grants to local election offices by nonprofits tied to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg —flowed not only to battleground states such as Pennsylvania to help President Biden in the Electoral College, but also to deep-blue urban areas like New York, Dallas and Los Angeles to supercharge […]

Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation filed an amicus brief in State of Louisiana v. President Joe Biden (Biden Climate Change Executive Order)

Can the President reorient the entire U.S. economy with just his pen and phone? We don’t think so. President Biden thinks he can rule by executive fiat, making it harder for American families to stay cool in summer and warm during winter. We think the American people get a say. Joe Biden issued an executive […]

BREITBART: DirecTV Reportedly Refused to Air Advertising for ‘Rigged’ Documentary: ‘Woke Political Censorship,’ Says Citizens United

DirectTV reportedly refused to air advertising for the Citizens United documentary Rigged: The Zuckerberg-Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump, Breitbart News has learned. The refusal is detailed in an April 15 letter to Michael Hartman, who is the General Counsel and Chief External Affairs Officer at DirecTV. According to Michael Boos, Vice President & General […]