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Citizens United Calls On IRS To Abolish All Restrictions on 501(c)(4) Political Spending

Washington, DC — Citizens United filed comprehensive comments opposing the oppressive regulations proposed by President Obama’s Internal Revenue Service. You can view the full filing here. You can also view an outline of the filing here.

“The ongoing IRS scandal first reported last year does not give President Obama’s IRS the authority to change the rules to justify the initial crime,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “These comments call on the IRS to lift ALL restrictions concerning 501(c)(4) spending so that political speech is not hindered by an overbearing governmental agency that employs Nixonian tactics against the American people.

“Ever since Citizens United’s landmark victory for free speech at the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama’s stated goal has always been to use every lever of government to thwart political speech. From the failed attempts to pass the DISCLOSE Act, to now using the IRS like a Chicago political hit squad, President Obama and other liberals want to chill the First Amendment so that any dissenting views to the Obama agenda are snuffed out. As we have done in the past in Citizens United v. FEC, Citizens United is prepared to litigate any rules changes that infringes on the rights of Americans to speak freely about the political process.”

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