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Cagle Post: Honoring the Heroes of Iraq, Eight Years On

The Cable Post ran this op-ed by CU President David Bossie on the anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War:

This week marks the eighth anniversary of the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In liberating the Iraqi people from a cruel and sadistic regime that had the means and desire to commit mass genocide, used biological weapons against its own people, and offered aid and safe harbor for terrorists, the United States Military made us safer by removing a great evil from the world. Our soldiers brought justice to Saddam Hussein, a ruthless dictator who added horrific phrases to the American lexicon like “rape rooms,” “child prisons,” and “human shredding machines.” Our brave men and women in uniform performed valiantly and we should all be thankful for their sacrifice in the cause of freedom.

America prevailed in Iraq because of the professionalism and selflessness displayed by our all-volunteer military. The mainstream media will ignore the heroism of our troops during their retrospectives this week, but we want to remind Americans of their courage and honor. The film Perfect Valor is Citizens United’s tribute to the heroes of the Iraq War. Narrated by Senator Fred Thompson, the award-winning film focuses on Operation Phantom Fury, the 2004 fight for control of Fallujah, Iraq, when American troops battled through a city of enemy insurgents, and fought house to house and street to street to seize control of the most dangerous city in the world. Perfect Valor vividly illustrates the courage our men and women in uniform display on the battlefield each and every day.

In Perfect Valor, we meet a Navy Cross recipient, recognized for…


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